There’s no fancy marketing, no pictures of pretty groomed dogs on the bottles or weird scents necessary. Just a great product that does its job. Everything you make is magic in a bottle. EQyss is awesome!
Katherine / is a Groomer, and believes in EQyss’s “natural balance in skin & coat” products.
Although we do not carry and are not supposed to use your products, we did and dog after dog went out of the grooming shop smelling better than ever before and their coats also seems to glow with a sheen I have never seen this with other products.
Robin / is a Groomer, and believes in EQyss’s “natural balance in skin & coat” products.

These products are, far and away, the BEST canine grooming products I have EVER used.

Gloria / had severe issues with “horrid” matting of her coat.

Your product has been a lifesaver to Lucy, our Scottish Terrier. She has been suffering with yeast skin infection for the past 2 weeks. Nothing would help. And we felt helpless. We found out about your products during an Internet search & quickly ordered. We received the shampoo, itch spray, & hair rebuilder today. Shampooed per directions,& itching instantly stopped! 2 hours later & Lucy is contentedly sleeping without any itching! Thank You So Much!


These dog care products are the absolute best…. and I have been caring for dogs for over 40 years.


My 40 lb terrier dog had a lot of dry skin, itching and sometimes she had patches of no hair due to scratching. My vet put her on a lot of meds. They did work but only temporarily. I tried so many shampoos. With oatmeal, very expensive shampoos, for allergies etc Nothing worked. I found this shampoo on my own surfing the internet and researching customers reviews. The first time I used this shampoo I saw a difference! Both dogs have softer, shinner hair. So smooth. No itching and painful sores. Absoulutely wonderful and I would tell EVERYONE – for the sake of your dog – please at least try this shampoo. You will see a difference.


My Labrador has skin alergies that cost $600/season at vet. Nothing helped. Out of frustration I tried Eqyss Micro Tek spray and WOW… seeping skin sores all down dog’s back were healing with the first application; gone within two weeks completely. Vet couldn’t believe it!  Delivery is swift. There is always someone there to answer questions.  Used product on my cat’s rash on her belly and it healed that.  It has helped the rash on my hands…I LOVE this company!


We love the product = have been using it for ourselves and our pets for years. The buying experience and service have always been matter of fact and what we expect. Couldn’t be better.

I was very satisfied with the service and the product received from Eqyss. I received my product very fast after placing the order. I look forward to doing business with Eqyss again in the near future.
Response and delivery times were unbelievably fast. They have excellent products. Will continue to use their services and products.
Great products that really do work. I will continue to purchase them So far, Avocado Detangling Mist Spray and Megatek Rebuilder are my favorites.
Prior to purchasing, I called Customer Service with several questions about their products. The rep I spoke with was knowledgeable and provided me with all the answers I sought. I would definitely return to EQyss again as, to date, their products have worked wonders with my Persians matts (Avocado Detangling Spray) and the Catmist is wonderful for every other days usage for rehydrant.
Dog grooming products are HIGHLY recommended by experienced groomers for the quality of ingredients, safety, and healthy results. Prices are comparable to other specialty super premium and holistic dog grooming products which are not available in stores in my region. Im pleased with my purchase and my overall transaction with this seller – thank you for making these products available to me (a picky pet owner) online.
Very Professional with very timely shipping. The Micro-Tek Shampoo and Spray are excellent products as well. There was an immediate, noticeable improvement to my dogs skin after the first use. I will be buying this again in the future and recommending it to anyone who’s dog or horse has skin problems. Its very difficult to effectively treat chronic puppy pyoderma but this stuff works wonders in gaining some control over it. It also smells really good, forms a rich lather and leaves the coat feeling very soft.